our values

Endeavor is a global, boutique professional services firm passionately committed to our principal mission of assisting our clients in managing their talent portfolio, business objectives and risks. Through our work for our clients, we understand and appreciate that they must have a positive impact on their clients, shareholders, colleagues and communities.

Privately Owned and Client Focused. Our professionals are free of distractions and focus only on accomplishing what is in the best interest of each client while effectively representing our clients in the marketplace without conflicts of interest.

We adhere to the strictest ethical standards with particular emphasis on the following:

• We maintain complete confidentiality for clients.

• We accept fees only from client companies, never from individuals.

• Engagements are accepted solely on a professional retainer fee basis.

• We indefinitely refrain from recruiting candidates hired by our clients.

Avoiding “Hands Off” Challenges. We actively manage our client portfolio to avoid the “hands off” challenges of the large, institutional firms and the smaller, single industry boutiques.

Diversity & Inclusion. We have a commitment and appreciation for the value of diversity for us and for our clients. We believe that diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and viewpoints lead to better decisions, more creativity, and a superior business culture. Our consultants and supporting staff comprise individuals from both genders representing many cultures, languages, and beliefs. We believe that our diversity mindset permeates every aspect of our business allowing us to help our clients meet their own diversity objectives.

Discretion. We work for our clients with absolute discretion and confidentiality. As a matter of policy, we do not have any contact with any media. Also, we do not participate in industry directories, conferences, seminars, blogs, etc. Our time is spent on behalf of our clients and managing our business.

Service Oriented. Our 1:1 professional consultant to client relationship ratio is among the best in the industry and enables us to provide you with customized services.

Performance Metrics (2004 – Present)

Completion Rate For Search Assignments: 92%

Average Time To Completion Of Search Assignments: 109 days.

Retention Rate Of Placements After One (1) Year: 97.8%.

Retention Rate Of Placements After Three (3) Years: 87%.

Retention Rate Of Placements After Five (5) Years: 81%.