our search process

Executive search and management consulting requires the application of rigorous, time-tested methodologies on all projects across all industries and functional areas. Our approach differentiates itself by offering our clients a “hands on”, timely and cost effective approach that emphasizes client communication, process management and quality control.


1 Our Managing Directors are personally involved in each and every step of the search process, including all sourcing and analysis. We believe this approach enhances our advisory role as consultants.

2 On search projects, based on our conversations with our client, we will develop a position specification which summarizes the responsibilities of the role. This will serve as a guide in determining whom we would contact during the course of the project.

3 We will then develop a target list of companies that we will review with you and your management team. Subsequently, we will actively search for candidates with closely matching qualifications. Often, potential candidates with the desired qualities are usually not actively looking for a position. Therefore, they must be identified, vetted on core competencies, assessed for cultural fit, and brought to your attention.

4 Our practice is to actively research appropriate companies and use a direct approach in locating individuals who meet our client’s requirements and who have established patterns of accomplishment in positions which closely approximate the search criteria. This process is designed to yield several qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively against each other.