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Succession Planning

C-level executives partner with us in the development and implementation of effective corporate succession plans and leadership transitions including: alignment around future leadership requirements; identification, selection and assessment of candidates; transition planning and recruitment of new leaders.

Combining our firm’s executive search and leadership consulting capabilities, we run a dual track process providing our clients with a comprehensive internal and external corporate succession overview. This insures that we will identify and develop appropriate leaders who will take the organization to the next level. Our overall approach is intended to assist clients in identifying, evaluating, selecting and preparing qualified senior executives for a successful transition to the next level.

Leadership Market Scans & Surveys

Many organizations do not develop a strategic battle plan for dealing with their need for leadership talent. Too often, they rely on ad hoc recruitment and retention initiatives that are not appropriately integrated into a broader strategy. These ad hoc approaches frequently result in a limited impact on individual and business performance.

Our leadership market scans and surveys assist our clients in developing talent acquisition strategies that are integrated with our clients’ business goals. We assist our clients in identifying, recruiting, retaining and developing leadership talent that will impact their business in the following scenarios: periods of growth; market or geographic expansion; operational realignments; downsizing; and technology driven change.

Our market scans and surveys allow our clients to better understand, prioritize and manage their talent portfolio for maximum impact and return on their business.

Leadership Development & Effectiveness

Our approach to leadership development and effectiveness is intended to identify and evaluate explicit individual competencies, behaviors, strengths and development needs while assessing an executive’s impact on the following: their own performance and career development; business performance and results; strategic objectives; management of talent pipeline and bench; application of learned lessons; identifying unrealized potential.

Professional Fees

Our professional fees are based on a flat fee basis for projects requiring our services for Succession Planning; Leadership Market Scans and Surveys; and Leadership Development & Effectiveness.

We will consult with the client on the scope and duration of a proposed project. Afterwards, we will provide a budget for our professional fees including our retainer with a schedule of payments, and our estimated expenses.