Endeavor Success Profile®

Realizing the Value of Human Capital

Endeavor Success Profile® is a customized management assessment tool providing an evaluation of the core competencies and overall intrinsic value of key executives in a business.

Human Capital as Portfolio

Evaluating Skills and Achieving Balance

  • Effective management of a business is achieved by balancing the strengths and weaknesses of its human capital.
  • Each individual represents a combination of skills and risk factors that determine their contribution to the business.

Essential Skills


The ability to articulate a vision, establish goals and develop a plan.


The ability to motivate and direct teams.


The objective competencies/skills necessary for the completion of the duties and responsibilities of the individual executive.


The ability to define and manage the process of tasks, duties, and responsibilities.


The ability to proactively interact with others by effectively and honestly exchanging information in a timely manner.

Risk Factors

Supply and Demand

The availability of internal or external replacements.


The reality and perception of salary and incentive remuneration relative to risk/reward factors.


Identification with the culture, recognition from the leadership and satisfaction from the assigned tasks.


The ability to accept new ideas and adapt to changing circumstances.

Stress Management

The ability to tolerate, manage and respond to challenges.

Conflict Resolution

The ability to reconcile opposing viewpoints while advancing the interests of the business.

Personal Balance

The ability to balance personal commitments and interests with professional requirements


Each individual’s skills/risk profile is represented on the Matrix.


The Matrix portrays the Human Capital of a business, represented as a Portfolio.



Professional Fees

Professional fees are determined on a project-by-project basis. Our minimum project consultation fee is USD$80,000.